We, the Chosen One's

(a Coffee Table book)

We, the Chosen One’s, celebrates the films that made it to the Official Program 2020 from a total of over 400 submissions under various categories. Winners, Nominees and selectees are automatically eligible to be a part of this book. The aim is to provide storytellers a platform to showcase and brand their films to get attention through this unique initiative.

We, The Chosen One's

co-founder foreword...

Dear Fellow Filmmakers,

Welcome to the first season of FFTG Awards and I am immensely excited to present to you our Coffee Table book – We, the Chosen One’s.

2020, the year that has been an eventful one across the globe with every human being on the planet being affected by the virus, directly or indirectly. We were thrust down the path of challenges and adversity as nature put us to test on our patience and resilience as we all came out of it stronger. It was in these moments of distress, when we filmmakers found this time as an opportunity to explore our story telling capabilities with limited resources to create something new. FFTG salutes this undying spirit of finding a way to express ourselves through filmmaking in these unprecedented times.

The goal of FFTG Awards was to provide a platform for upcoming filmmakers and film writers to display their art and explore ways of getting their voices heard across the globe. In a matter of a couple of months, of its launch, we reached out to the various corners of the globe, inviting more than 438 films in submissions. These submissions overwhelmed us not by the numbers but the sheer grit of each filmmaker who went the extra mile to create something they believed in. This book is a celebration of their efforts. They are the ones who put their heart into the things they loved and made their dreams a reality. This book is just a token of appreciation to all the wonderful filmmakers who believed in themselves and truly are an inspiration to those who are still on the edge, waiting to plunge themselves in something they believe in.

These filmmakers featured in this book are part of the community that shall bring a wave of change in the future of filmmaking. They are the ‘Chosen One’s.

This book belongs to these young passionate budding filmmakers. Hence the title – We, the Chosen One’s!

Thanks for being an inspiration to a new generation of filmmakers yet to come!


Prakash Nambiar
Curator – We, the Chosen One’s

Contineu Reading
Philippe Joly
Helen Alexis Yonov
Mani Nasry
Harker Jones
Diana Iacomir
Mahmood Arib
Madhu Ramanathan
Ahmad Khoshniat
Namira Hafizi
Vasco Alexandre
Pamela Nassour
Jack Fanburg
Lovlee Carroll
Glenn Lissner
Tiffany Colling

"The Ones"

Our Official Selection Jurors 2021 chosen from 2020 edition as part of our exclusive invitation-only We, the Chosen One’s – program