Jury Member

Shi Wei, a distinguished Dance Video Director, Dancer, Producer, and Performance Agent from Beijing, China, is celebrated for her unique contributions to dance and film. A key member of the Beijing Dancers Association, Shi Wei has been instrumental in shaping the modern dance scene in China. Her artistic endeavors have been supported by initiatives such as the “China Modern Dance Choreographer Talent Training Plan,” backed by the Beijing Culture and Art Fund, and the “National Art Fund National Dance Choreographer Talent Training” program by the Central Cultural Management Cadre College.

Her film “Ups and Downs” was part of the official program at the 2023 FFTG Film Festival, highlighting her ability to intertwine cinematic narrative with dance. This inclusion not only reflects her prowess in filmmaking but also her capacity to engage and influence international audiences. Shi Wei’s role as a jury member for the FFTG Film Festival further underscores her expertise and her influential position in the global arts community.