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Nov 25-10 December, 2023
The outcomes of 2022 will be revealed alongside the results of 2023

The Competition

The FFTG Awards Film Fest serves as a platform dedicated to introducing new audiences to the world of independent cinema.

The FFTG Awards Film Festival is an annual international event and qualifies for IMDb, aiming to offer independent filmmakers a distinctive digital platform to showcase and promote their movies. In its second year, we’re welcoming films of all genres for the competition across various categories. Submissions are open to filmmakers from around the world. Chosen films will be shown on the Official FFTG and/or Partner Secured Channel. The selection is categorized into different sections. For more details, visit FilmFreeway.

For information on submissions, dates, and deadlines, refer to the categories listed below.

If you have any questions about choosing the appropriate category, feel free to reach out to us at info@fftgawards.com.

Dates & Deadlines

Submission Categories


Fashion Film


Feature, Short, Ultra-short

Feature Film

Includes Documentary, Experimental, Animation, New Wave Filmmakers, LGBTQ+, New Directors, Debut Films, Female Filmmakers, 18 years & below, etc.​

Over 40 mins

All Genre

Year of Production does not matter. Premiere not mandatory but preferable

Short Film

Includes Documentary, Experimental, Animation, New Wave Filmmakers, LGBTQ+, New Directors, Debut Films, Female Filmmakers, 18 years & below, etc.​

Under 40 minutes including credits

All Genre

Year of Production does not matter. Premiere not mandatory but preferable

Ultra-Short Film

Under 5 mins including credits

All Genre


Jury Choice Awards: All Genres & Categories

People Choice Award

FFTG Spirit Award

Official Selections, Nominees and Winners

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. We accept all fiction and non-fiction film genres. All age groups are accepted.
  2. Projects submitted must be the original work of the participant. All submission will be received through Film Freeway only. No Exceptions. 
  3. This movie link must not require download and must remain active and accessible through the closing date of the festival. Entry forms and payment will not be processed without accompanying submission link in accepted format.
  4.  Please include Film poster, two film stills and a director's headshot with your entry. These can be emailed or included with submission.
  5. For (up to) a 5 min interview, a set of questions about their chosen entry will be sent to the filmmaker. The filmmaker is then responsible for editing answers to the questions into a high res video, superimposed with the FFTG Awards logo. This completed edited video file must be sent back in the stipulated time communicated by the festival representative. If the filmmaker wishes for the festival to take care of the editing, there will be a nominal fee to do so. If the video is not received in the required format within the stipulated time, the festival reserves the right to disqualify the film.
  6. Feel free to send along any additional press material, cast and crew bios or any other information about your film.
  7. Filmmakers with Student ID's to submit the right category by providing Student ID.
  8. Filmmakers 18 and under can submit their film in the respective category by providing govt issued age proof id.
  9. You can submit from all the countries as being student filmmaker, or producer; there are no restrictions.
  10.  We consider films in any language but screened only in English. They need to be  SUBTITLED, DUBBED in English else the film will be disqualified. 
  11. Festival is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged entries.
  12. Exceptions to the festival regulations must be authorized by the Festival Director.
  13. Multiple entries are permissible, but each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and fee.
  14.  Any situation related to music and copyrights belongs to the sender.
  15. By submitting, you agree to publish your film's trailers & images and you agree to share your data for promotional purposes.
  16. Withdrawn films are considered they were disqualified and the fee will not be refunded. 
  17. All fees are non-refundable.
  18. Submitting is not a guarantee of being programmed.
  19. Written comments describing entries are beneficial. 
  20. Makers should authorize us to use the film in any platform independently or it will be disqualified. Once the contest is over, winners can upload their films on IGTV only not on their YouTube channel.
  1.  Submitted films should be an original work of the contestant.
  2.  We consider films regardless of their premiere status. Limited to If your film has already premiered at another festival at a physical venue or on the festival's site only.
  3.  Films available on the Internet are not eligible.
  4.  We consider films based on the competition program mentioned in rules and regulations.
  5. Features previously self-distributed by the filmmakers online are not eligible for consideration in Feature categories.
  6. There are no additional eligibility criteria for short films. All shorts are eligible!
  7. All screeners must be uploaded by the appropriate deadline.
  8. Deadlines close at 11:59 PM PST.
  9. We will contact entrants if there's anything wrong with the submission. If this occurs, you will need to fix the submission issue by the requested deadline, otherwise we can't guarantee that your film will be watched in time.
  10. The films submitted to the contest will remain in the files of the Festival and the video archives. 
  11. The works will not be commercially exploited. Before any other different use, the authors will be contacted for receipt of agreement. FFTG Awards is taking reasonable security precaution to protect the copyright of the film submitted to the Festival. Films dealing with all themes are allowed to the festival, with the only exception of advertising and pornographic.
  12. FFTG Awards has the right to exclude from the festival any film that is judged, at its sole discretion, not compliant with its ethical code or to the provisions of applicable law. In case of exclusion, the festival fee that has already been paid will not be reimbursed. We don't provide screening fees.
  13. The festival jury will also define, at its sole discretion, the winners of the festival categories. The names of the winners will be announced on the festival official website www.fftgawards.com, social media platforms and to the winners’ email address that are communicated at the time of the film submission.
  14. The Festival reserves the right to opt for a different genre than the one the candidate choose and indicated in the submission form;
  15. The Festival is not responsible for any spelling mistake or wrong information provided in the application. The titles and names of filmmakers used in all promotional materials will always refer to the ones provided in the application. Equally, title changes made by the filmmakers after the submission, may not be possible to alter, as such the applicant recognizes this at the moment of completing the submission.
  16. The festival programmers do not share festival selection committee comments or ratings with the public or submitting filmmakers. In fairness to all filmmakers, fee waiver requests will be declined.
  17.  Promotional materials of selected films become the property of the FFTG Awards and can be used to promote the Festival and the programs of the Festival in all mediums. 
  1. Your submission implies that you have the legal right to represent and submit this film for consideration along with your acceptance of FFTG Awards regulations.
  2.  By submitting this form, you also agree to allow the festival the use of your film and its publicity materials for promotional purposes. Please agree below.
  3. You accept these conditions by submitting to us.
  4. The producer grants FFTG Awards the rights to:
    (a) Exhibit the film online for the duration of the Festival, in a programmed session available ‘on-demand’ from the FFTG Awards website via Vimeo Premium.
    (b) Include a section of the production for promotional purposes.
  5. The producer warrants to the FFTG Awards that they have obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this film and that the film does not infringe the rights, including copyright, of any third party. This includes use of music and literary material.
  1. FFTG Awards is a simple and fair online competition which helps you to get more eyes on your work. Winning is everyone's right - our different award categories allow different kinds of filmmakers to participate and get a chance to win in different categories. The Best Film of the Festival is an Audience Choice Award & will be picked by the number of votes a film gets during the competition week regardless of its length & category. The filmmaker who will get the maximum number of votes, likes, and comments during the competition week - will win the competition for the best film of the festival. We also have an award category where all the participant filmmakers will vote for the best film in the competition & based on their votes, the highest voted film will receive the “FFTG Spirit Award”. 

  1. Each film will be watched by at least two different jury members. Our jury consists of professionals including Architect,  filmmakers, artists, and entrepreneurs from various facets. Their diverse life experiences and outlook brings the right blend towards judging of a movie.  

  2. If a film gets two or more recommendations after the first round of watches, it will be watched by more programmers and discussed at deliberations sessions.

    1. Deliberating programmers determine a festival selection through discussion and voting. 
    2.  If a film gets two or more recommendations after the first round of watches, it will be watched by more programmers and discussed at deliberations sessions.

    3. Each participating programmer has an equal vote and no festival selections are made outside of this process.
    4. We generally don't share programming feedback with entrants.

    5. The FFTG Awards programmers/Selection Committee decisions are final. Only the Festival Director has the authority to overrule any decisions.

  1.  Accepted filmmakers will be notified via email ONLY. "Add filmfreeway.com to your email to avoid it going into your spam folder!"
  2. Filmmakers must confirm their participation by the given deadline, otherwise they might lose their spot in the line-up. 
  3.  Upon selection, filmmakers are highly encouraged to provide a high-quality digital stills, and poster from the film if they are not already available via FilmFreeway. If these are not available the film will be disqualified. 
  4. For every chosen movie  screenplays, we lead all selected filmmakers and writers in a meaningful discussion about their process in a (up to) 10 mins video that would be broadcast on FFTG Awards official site www.fftgawards.com and it’s Youtube Channel and other social media sites. 
  5.  Accepted filmmakers must be the authors of their submitted work and own all rights to their film and its components ahead of screening at FFTG Awards Film Fest.
  6.  If accepted, entrants are responsible for delivering their trailer, final screener link (if any), press stills and press kit on time.
  7. All projects as part of the Official Program 2022 will be uploaded on our Official Youtube Channel to get more eyes for your project. Our Youtube channel is not set up for monetization so no project will be monetized. At any given point in time, if the filmmaker doesn't want their project to be featured on the channel after the festival dates, simply email at info@fftgawards.com and the project will be removed immediately.
  1. Payments must be made in USD currency.
  2.  Submission fee is payable  via Film freeway only and accepted by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, and PayPal.
  3. Films submitted without payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and the submission will be deleted.
  4. The submission fee cannot be waived. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Submission of the Film constitutes agreement with the regulations set forth here.


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Damien Donnelly

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Heather Coombs

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Kari Karsten

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