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Comedy, Drama, Family, Female Filmmakers, Thriller
00:29:57 mins
United Kingdom
Carol was the perfect mother. So what was she doing hiding under a bridge with a hammer?


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Carol was the perfect mother. So what was she doing hiding under a bridge with a hammer? Carol answers the door to an unexpected early morning visitor “I suppose you want to know why I was hiding under a bridge with a hammer?” Taking the stranger through the house, she says she needs to finish baking her cupcakes. As she bakes, she talks about how much she loves her daughter, Jessica, who has become the absolute focus of her life and about her long-running feud with the neighbours. Having given her life to bringing up her daughter she still finds herself alone and aware that she and Jessica are growing apart. She delves into Jessica’s belongings and online accounts, discovering that she isn’t the perfect Oxford-bound girl she’d supposed and that Jessica has become someone else entirely, someone Carol can’t recognise. In a fit of madness, Carol chases after Jessica and her secret boyfriend, Storm, the much despised boy next door, to their meeting place on a bridge, where she swings a hammer…and flees the scene unable to face the consequences of her actions. The cupcakes, Carol explains, are to make amends. She is ready now to go with the police as long as she can take the cakes round to the neighbours. As the film ends, she is taken away.




Heather Coombs


Heather Coombs

Supporting Casts:

Amber Hill,Natasha Hill

Other Credits:

Heather Coombs,Amber Hill

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Debut Director, Female Filmmaker, Quarantine Film, Short Films under 40 minutes


United Kingdom



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