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The Hitman’s Brother

00:03:12 mins
United States
A hitman is ordered to perform one last hit, but it's the person he loves most, his brother.


We open on the sun as it sets and the rain falls from the sky. In front of a dry cleaners stands a man, MARCUS. He is a well dressed, professional looking man of Chinese descent and early 30s. Marcus is clean shaven with a chiseled face as his hair is black with a high and tight hairstyle. Behind him, is a neon light of a sewing machine and a neon light of a hanger that displays: “The Best Cleaners in Town.” Marcus enters and stands across from JASON (late 20s), also of Chinese descent. He is clean shaven with dimples and black, slicked hair. Jason stays busy closing down the register and shuts down the dry cleaning machine as dozens and dozens of clothes on hangers come to a stop. Jason is closing the dry cleaners down. Marcus just stares at him as sweat drips down his forehead. Behind the both of them is a poster that displays: “30% off special on dry cleaning.” Marcus’ eyes scan a nearby counter containing a few pictures in nice frames and looks at a picture frame of Jason, only in a pristine suit. His arm is around his beautiful bride, TIFFANY. She is in her mid-20s with curly, blonde hair, and rosy cheeks wearing an elegant white wedding dress. Jason holds up his pointer finger, referencing one moment. He walks away from the counter. Marcus has a tense look on his face. Jason is behind him and locks the front door of the dry cleaners. The owner walks away from the door as Marcus follows behind him. Suddenly, Marcus pulls out his GUN, but HESITATES for a brief moment before pulling the trigger. The moment of hesitation allows Jason to react quick enough and disarm Marcus. The GUN flies to the back room. Both men look at each other and they run towards the back. Jason seizes the opportunity and immediately rushes past Marcus towards the GUN. Marcus kicks Jason in the back of his legs and a fight ensues. The two battle for the GUN and get their hands on it. Jason tries to peel the GUN away from Marcus, but struggles to do so as Marcus slowly turns the GUN towards Jason. Jason has a sudden release of fury and disarms Marcus. The GUN falls on the floor. CLACK. Jason kicks the gun further out of reach. The two of them look at each other and both rush towards the GUN. Marcus inches closer to the GUN as he runs, but Jason grabs him by the collar and throws him on the ground. As madness consumes Jason, he begins to strangle Marcus. Marcus as the life begins to drain out of him. His eyes are bulging out, but he becomes focused. Jason squeezes tightly, but Marcus reverses the hold. Suddenly, Marcus gets out of the hold, and begins his crawl towards the GUN. Jason sees this and grabs Marcus by his legs. As Marcus is immobile, he turns onto his back and gives Jason a kick to the groin. Jason shudders, and drops Marcus’ legs. The two men get back to their feet as quickly as they can. Jason glances at Marcus with ANGER. A fist fight between Jason and Marcus breaks out. It is clear at this point that Jason has reached a new level of anger, and is ready to defend himself at any cost. The fist fight climatically ends with Jason getting the better of Marcus and knocking him to the ground. Fear starts to fill Marcus’ eyes as he slowly creeps backwards towards the GUN that is on the ground behind him. Jason catches his breath as he scans the room for anything he could potentially use as a weapon. Marcus grabs a hold of the GUN. Jason gives up on trying to find a weapon as his anger builds more and more. Jason rushes towards Marcus. CLICK. Marcus’ hands are placed on the GUN as he finishes switching out of safety. Jason looks at Marcus as utter fear enters his eyes. Marcus internally struggles with himself. PANG! A shot fires from the GUN. BLOOD SPATTER splashes onto Marcus’ face. Marcus is clearly distraught as he WEEPS over Jason’s body, and kisses him on the forehead. In the end, we come across a picture frame. Marcus has his arm around Jason, smiling. They are both in Iraq War military camouflage with a desert background and a mountain in the distance.



The Hitman’s Brother


Devin Bauer,Alex Stathis


Jeffrey Han,Patrick Vuong

Supporting Casts:

Sydney Luchansky

Other Credits:

Raven Bennett-Burns

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United States



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