25 mins
Germany, Poland


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“Kintsugi” is the story of Lea, a therapist who specialised in treating victims of sexual abuse. After going through an assault on her herself she is not able to follow her own methods and becomes a victim of her trauma. She loses control of her life and taps into the abyss of her own psyche. This film is a journey through the inner empire of a distressed woman, where reality and fiction, truth and dreams entwine.



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Sylta Fee Wegmann – “Lea” (Little Paris / Lotta & der lange Abschied / Marie fängt Feuer)
Julia Hartmann – “Lisa” (faltig / Help, I Shrunk My Friends / Jerks)
Lina Reabea Mohr – “Alice” (Die Patriarchin)
Shantia Ullmann – “Laura”
Christoph Gawenda – “Man / Father” (Silent Sea / Auf Einmal)
Jytte Merle Börnsen – “Anna” (Babylon Berlin / Lotta /Grossstadtklein)


Nadja Bobyleva (Lovopoly /Father.Mother.Me / Dana&I / In the Fall), Konstantin Schraps


Nadja Bobyleva (Lovopoly /Father.Mother.Me / Dana&I / In the Fall), Konstantin Schraps


Michal Kuleba

Sound Design:

Frank Schubert


Anton Berman

Production Design:

Bartholomäus Martin Kleppek


Bartholomäus Martin Kleppek

Director's Interview

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Director's Statement

With Kintsugi, I felt it was important to show the horrific consequences of a traumatic experience in all its brutality. Therefore, I decided to use a more radical and ruthless form of storytelling. This film is about women suffering from a deep emotional injury, yet succeeding in breaking free from their role as a victim.
While researching the subject of sexual abuse, I realized that more people than I expected were affected, starting with the people around me. Even the smallest incidents of unsolicited intimacy will haunt a person subjected to such experiences for a lifetime and leave them feeling paralyzed in even the simplest daily situations. For me, it was important to show that aspect in the movie.
I wanted to break the silence and create an act of liberation and freedom. “Kintsugi” is not a psychological treatise but rather a story about reclaiming freedom and self-determination, portrayed by a woman fighting to return to life.
I and my Co-Producer invested all of our savings into the shooting of this film. Our fortune was, that we managed to put an amazing crew together consisting of film specialists and professional actors from all over the world, despite our minimal budget. All of us met in a little town in Poland where we moved together into a house in which we lived and filmed for nine days. Our challenge was, to shoot in a place where there is a minimal film infrastructure using minimal budget and time.
To manage the difficulties coming our way was only possible because everyone stepped up and brought their highest energy and dedication to the process. But then came the challenge of finalization which only became possible with the help of numerous people who believed in this project and wanted to bring it to life. So, with the support of several crowdfunding pools, we were finally able to make this film.

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