Mahmood Arib

Mahmood Arib is an Iranian filmmaker, author and photographer based in Tehran.  His body of work includes documentaries, short films including Talking head About Art in Iran, Home is Alight, Zarjoob, this is not a river and Bubble a 20 mins short film which received several national and international awards such as the FFTG Awards, Berlin, Ozarck, Black Bird, Phoenix, Bristol and Wiper Film Festival. As a photographer, he has participated and competed professionally at several local, national and international exhibitions. He also teaches Filmmaking at the Iranian Youth Cinema Association, focusing on cinema and photography.
According to Mahmood: “Cinema is a window to the world, and each of these windows have a unique experience. With FFTG We, the Chosen One’s program, I am excited to expand this experience and share this view with others around the world.”