Jury Member

Claudia Fischer is an acclaimed filmmaker and visual artist with an extensive background in Fine Arts from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and further training in mural and oil painting restoration from ICCROM-UNESCO in Rome and Florence. Her work combines her artistic expertise with a focus on documentaries that preserve cultural memory. Notable projects include “As the Tree under the Hurricane” and “Wërapara chicas trans,” which explores the lives of trans women from the Embera Chami community in Colombia.

Fischer has served as a jury member at several film festivals, including the Latin American Film Festival at Yale University in 2017 and the Panorama du cinéma colombien à Paris in 2022. Her unique perspective on cultural narratives and minority issues enriches her role as a jury member for the 2024 FFTG Awards Film Festival in New York. Her deep understanding of cultural narratives and commitment to highlighting minority voices make her an invaluable addition to any film evaluation panel.