Ahmad Khoshniat

Ahmad has written, produced and directed animations such as Unjust Matches, For Freedom, The Prophets of Terror, Fashion Nazi, Locked and V.CYCLE.
His films have been invited to screen at various national and international festivals. Locked won the Golden Earth Award as the Best Animation Film at the International Cittadella Geo Film Festival in Italy.
Ahmad earned his master’s degree in Animation Directing from the Tehran University of Art. As a scholar, he has won two research awards in 2016 and 2021 for his essays in Tehran Seminars on Short Film Studies at the 33th and 37th Tehran International Short Film Festival.
On accepting his invitation for ‘We the Chosen One’s program: “The more you watch various films, the better you become acquainted with diverse forms of thinking. And the better you become familiar with varied forms of thinking, the more you extend your understanding.”