Synopsis : Lagnesh is situational dumb headed person and not clear with his thoughts and irresponsible too. A particular situations pulls his perception of thinking with some assumptions of his friend’s and his mother’s superstitious belief will make him down. how he comes up? analyzing situations one by one is the path to his job requirement to survive his home and to be dignified person in society.

Deepak R.

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Living Unscathed

Manuel Siles

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Scibotlien 2: The Journey

Film Title: Scibotlien 2: The Journey Year:2021 Genre: a short sci-fi travel(tourism) thriller drama film Written,Produced, Directed by ANSON SNEDDEN D’COSTA Cast: ANSON SNEDDEN D’COSTA as Dr.D’Silva (the scientist) 4minute short film filmed with a 4k camera Trailer: Short film: Highlights: This film is a Sequel to Scibotlien as a continuation where Dr.D’Silva(Anson Snedden D’costa) after upbringing the alien egg it was released into the sky as a demonstration. The short film further continues with travel. Plot/Story: The story continues and begins In Tokyo, Japan with Doctor D’Silva (Anson Snedden D’costa) looks and waves at the sky and bids farewell to the aliens and a flying objects after taking care of an Alien’s egg. Dr. D’Silva decides to take a break an travel to other countries for a travel journey vacation like South Korea (Seoul), Hong Kong,Thailand, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, Milan Italy, Zurich Switzerland.Dr. D’Silva loves taking vlogs, selfies, photographs and videos of his travel but he needs to also keep a track of his hometown Tokyo, Japan as he is a Japanese resident . The journey continues of himself in the plane and how his enthusiasm is when he comes it comes to travel (tourism) .


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Synopsis: Veiled is a poetic portrayal of a queer girl’s struggle to live within the confined prejudiced framework of society. Many people still feel the stigma of their identity, even when they are not bound by the law. Have we really been able to change the old traditional & religious mindsets of people about the gay community around the world?

Esha Tewari

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The Batman 3


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The Batman 2


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The Batman


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Scibotlien 3:The final chapter

Dear sir/mam Short Film Title:Scibotlien 3:The final chapter. Year:2021. Genre:Sci-fi action thriller mystery drama travel(tourism) Poster designed by Jecky Irawan and Photographed by Kevin Wong Country: Hong Kong Plot: The story begins and continues with Doctor D’Silva (ANSON SNEDDEN D’COSTA) who arrives home , Tokyo Japan after an exhausting journey of traveling around the world he reaches home and then decides to merge his traveling vlog with last year and the present year of his travel landscapes of different countries he has visited such as the continents of Africa, South America, Europe, Asia ,North America and Middle East. As a dream and passion which Doctor D’Silva is proud of himself for his travel hobby being achieved and pursued by submitting it as a travel documentary for a competition. After that, Dr. D’Silva chose let the past be in the past regarding a tragedy of his late family members who passed away regarding the modern technology incident and decided to be a peace maker and work back again on a robot project by finishing what he had started by having an attitude of not leaving his work incomplete further took steps on making the robot as himself with product design, water testing, solar energy, wind testing, electrical wire testing and this time he checks again his robot project file in his bedroom was missing where he usually he works and was unable to find it but traced it through the gps (tracking device) on his mobile and it was located in Seoul, South Korea. Interval Afterwards Dr. D’Silva reaches Seoul hiking on mountains and following the tracking system on tracing the person that has his file. Dr. D’Silva comes across the security base and is inside the security base of an agent which seems to have a parking lot and clubhouse facilities like football ground and gardens. The next day while residing in the parking lot until morning, Dr. D ‘Silva reaches the garden with the tracking device and believes the robot file is around him and he is being stalked and spyed on by someone with an errie and mysterious feeling. While Dr. D’Silva was in the park looking around and then suddenly when he behind he got knocked out by a man and was taken on the rooftop and there was the sight of his scientist uniform and safety goggles that was stolen and laying down on the floor . Dr D’silva pleads with the man’s identity called Mr. Seong (JECKY IRAWAN) who is a Japanese-Korean spy and Dr. D’Silva learnt the mystery it was revealed and he had found out it was Mr. Seong who was the killer that used modern technology and killed Dr. D’Silva’s parents and his brother Simon as well. And now Mr. Seong looks forward to kill Dr. D’Silva and take over his business plan robot project to make it to the international exhibtion, it was a hard fight battle between the two leading to the robot file to be empty and become a set up in the end where Mr. Seong and Dr.D’Silva as they were both fighting being injured and finally in the they were dead , While another mystery man’s hand (Kevin Wong) who made this as a setup for Dr. D’Silva, and Dr. D’Silva was robbed for his final success of his robot project . The voice Dr. D’silva was able to share his story from heaven above to creating awareness that things like these can happen anywhere, anytime or with any individual and especially for his fan followers to be a lot more cautious in the near future and to be alert of their surroundings . It was painful seeing something that belongs to himself being snatched and taken from you that now belongs to someone else to make a reputation for themselves with no credit being given in the robot international exhibition and perhaps a lot more can happen in the future life as life is unpredictable. THE END Scibotlien 3 -The Final Chapter is a short film that is a mix of action, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, drama and travel(tourism). Film Trailer : Short Film Link: Regards, Anson


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Hello, FFTG Hey. My name is Addy.I am a skilled freelancer with 3+ years of experience designing film posters and social media graphics. In Key Art Design, I did my specialization. About Poster – This Fanart is divinely inspired by the very famous James Bond film series. It’s been a While since bond to Visit in India. The classic movie Octopussy (1983) was James Bond’s Hit was Filmed in Udaipur India, where they had a scene of escaping from Gobinda and his men. Taking Daniel Craig out for a mission in Bombay (Mumbai) was a complex Fun Designing task. Well, the Poster itself shows a glimpse of what this Fiction movie is about. Hope you like my Fanart Looking forward to hearing from you, Regards, Addy Aga

Adnan Aga

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Being Human

Vishesh SR Shetty

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Samuel R. Gibson

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Roop Aroop

Hello, Here I attach my poster and details of my film “Roop Aroop”. It is a drama film, adapted from the work of infamous Urdu Fiction writer Qudratullah Shahab, which depicts a young boy who discovers his infatuation with his teacher’s wife amidst a time of severe crisis and suffering as the whole village is affected by plague. This film would unravel upon the audience, difference in mindsets of a 35 year old devout engulfed by the fear of disease, and a 12 year old lover. Thanks Akif

Akif Farooqui

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Harshvardhan Jadhav

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Cici Chu

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This is short film is about the struggles of a poor boy who wants a smart phone for his online class


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The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey are mysterious, but there’s one thing that renowned Detective Benoit Blanc knows for sure — everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect. Now, Blanc must sift through a web of lies and red herrings to uncover the truth. The Poster is based on, one of the characters named Wanetta Thronmbay and she is always confused to recognize other people except Ransom(another character).

Jatin Rathod

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The movie is about racing the Le’ Mans, which is 24 hour race. The race was about ford winning over ferrari. The real life Le Mans ’66 ended with a historic finish: Ford trounced the frontrunner Ferrari as all three Ford cars crossed the finish line in a dead heat. The poster is about, when Ken Miles slows down on a straight road waiting for his mates to finish the line with all three ford cars at the same time.

Jatin Rathod

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karanvir singh

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Keshav Kanhai

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Keshav Kanhai

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Documentary movie – endless (2020)

Radhika Arora

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Movie is about a mystery castle and the her has to cross the hurdles to reach the castle

Ankush Pareek

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Take Nothing in its look take everything as Evidence

S.Deepak kumar

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It Chapter Two is a 2019 American supernatural horror film and a sequel/second half to the 2017 film It, both based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King. The film is directed by Andy Muschietti, returning from the first film, with a screenplay by Gary Dauberman. Set in 2016, 27 years after the events of the first film, it stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean, and Bill Skarsgård, who returns as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It is the second installment of the It film series and centers on the Losers Club reuniting from their various lives apart from each other to destroy It once and for all, though being apart means they have mostly forgotten the terror they endured together 27 years ago.

Prerna Jais

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When Earth is Destroyed by some incident. Aliens sent a soldier to find any life on earth. But, they don’t found their answers. Only human can find their answers.

Yash Manoj Suryavanshi

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Shankar Mahadevan

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Otha Seruppu size 7: It is a Indian movie where only one actor is shown on the screen and the rest are just voices. A man who kills a man and a police interrogates him is the plot of the film. This movie gets the violent tone by words and not by action.

Vijendhar P

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Yes this my movie poster

Anandh Kumar

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Hi ,This is My movie Posters


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Ankur Manchanda

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The movie is about a person who commits suicide and lands on his final interview which will decide his final destination between hell and heaven, what happens next makes up the movie. This movie is focused on a social issue, which is suicides.

Ashwin Singh Rawat

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Corona awareness shortfilm he lost his mom due to his irresponsible

Gokul venkateshwaran

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Yew Zi Xuan

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8120” title=””]


“Robusta” is a Indian Short film. Directed by Titto P Thankachen and produced Rabin Ranji.

Syam krishnan

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Hacker movie

Aakash j

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Corona awareness shortfilm

Gokul venkateshwaran

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The year is 2035. The world population has grown exponentially. For the first time ever a world president has been elected and she has the power to destroy the world. With the overpopulation issue at hand, she decides to kill people who are unvaluable to their economies. She starts with the gamers but decides to spare the top 10% as gaming still has the top rating for entertainment worldwide.

Jeshua Boshoff

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In the 80s, Luca Vinezzi, consigliere of Migliori’s Family, must face his responsibilities in a New York where crime is raging.

Chazal Allan

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Kishan is taking his wife to a nearby doctor, while the his father secretly desires for some good news and prays for his wishes to come true. The girl in the house plays with a boy doll not knowing it will be lost and broken by the end of this journey. Washing Machine is the story of a wife, a mother and a daughter in law, whose wishes are never even asked for. She silently suffers.

Anand Singh Chouhan

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Andhaghaaram 2020 Tamil Movie Poster.

Mohammed Jalaludeen S

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This poster is inspired by Greek mythology.


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Know the story of a teen social media influencer, Mona. A charismatic and cheerful personality, she’s always on the top of her game. Thousands of eyes on her whereabouts on a daily basis. Her father is her support system, and always has her back. She was prepared and excited about a live event, after which she suddenly went quiet. She was nowhere to be found. What could have happened??

P K Anil Kumar

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LOKO:THE THREADS OF LIFE The following documentary is based on the textiles in and around Bhuj and Kachchh. Local NGO’S and Craftsmen come together and work hand in hand in order to protect such traditional crats from being diminished.

Amey Deshmukh

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LOKO:THE THREADS OF LIFE The following documentary is based on the textiles in and around Bhuj and Kachchh, with local NGO’s and Craftsmen coming together in-order to protect our traditional crafts which are being diminished.

Amey Deshmukh

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Movie name : Return Category : Ghost based time travel Sci-fic movie Story Oneline : in future dimension the hero was dead in accident but he can communicate with past life hero and what was the actual climax hero dead or alive it was a story it’s included love story, horror story, and important humanity also mixed story i Shooting 30 percentage completed but now the shoot postponed due to quarantine lockdown was announced once the lockdown was finish after we complete the story video out and submitted to you aslo

Hariprasath S

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Category : Love based physco thriller film. Content : Everyday a couple facing family & office issue one day the killer was enter into the life in night time suddenly twist was the killer is our own husband that means hero is a mask killer he chase and killed the heroine and after scene it’s was a heroine dream and so many climax was included story was night & day dream & real concept Moral of the story is : choose your end Shooting was completed dubbing & music process is going

Hariprasath S

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Poster done are mostly based on vikings series check out my IG for more edits –


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Fate brings together an unlikely pair of opposing outlooks to spend a night under one roof and in the process makes them realize that they might not be so different after all.

vijay sharma

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I’ve Sumbited

Daniel Joshua

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8103” title=””]


Two friends get curious after hearing a horror story about a haunted house in Royal hills. The story takes a Psychological turn when they decide to enter that house

Nilay Prashant Raje

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8102” title=””]


A documentary about the devastating 2001 Bhuj earthquake

Nilay Prashant Raje

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8101” title=””]


A simple day to day story of different people with an elegant message

Nilay Prashant Raje

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8100” title=””]


A man forcefully takes a day off from his workplace to repair his favourite table fan. The film discovers his love for that object.

Sunandan Adhikary

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A content writer is told to write an article about women. The story is all about the way he discovers and tries to understand women to be able to write about them.

Nilay Prashant Raje

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The group of young professionals turning out to be something strange and decided to move their life against ill-behaved individuals and justice behind their deeds

Karthik selvaraj

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Mamífera (Mammal) is an animation of maturing. Zila, a brazilian Whale, experiences the joys and challenges of growing up and learns the importance of environmental preservation.

Tato T.

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A drug peddling duo are on the way to make a sale to a newly graduated medical student. She hitchhikes their ride only to find out there’s something more than meets the eye.

Pravin PK

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8095” title=””]


A drug peddling duo are on the way to make a sale to a newly graduated medical student. She hitchhikes their ride only to find out there’s something more than meets the eye.

Pravin PK

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2 Guys in a car, see a girl asking for a lift along the roadside. These three of them end up in a situation that cant be reversed. Added, the film was shot on a Single Take. That spice the whole mood of the film.

Pravin PK

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8093” title=””]


This film is a Romantic suspense thriller…. Release Soon.. We Are Trying to OTT platform. Thank you.

Suresh Kumar

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Sayantan Chakraborty

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8091” title=””]


An aspiring actor is at the peak of his failures in life and he gets a magic box that grants him whatever he wishes. But will he achieve his goal or not.

Sivas Ramar

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[THE DEEP QUITE VERSE] A boy who felt in love with a strange girl who become his step sister and he confessed her that how he felt in her love, without talking only threw stories and status of insta and whatsapp and also By changing the reality…. hence she is traped in it and thus we see how can she will break it… And realizes how she was guilty for it cause she came on the way of our hero it also mean that indirectly she is a villain for herself. However the boy try to teach how to do love. And so now she makes him a psycho lover.. Its a story of psycho lovers…. In which there is no meetings after the miss understandings but still they talk by giving messages on status not direct Thus it have a deep end… And here in this we also see the [Effetc of FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTION ERROR.. It’s a supernatural romantic film .]


[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8089” title=””]


Laila, a fifteen-year-old teenager, is abandoned by her family after being raped while training in oriental dance. Dancing becomes the focus of her work, but she soon discovers the hidden secrets of working in a cabaret. On one night, the memories of the past return to the life of the dancer, and she decides to end her suffering through a vengeance dance that relieves her pain.

Hady Bitar

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8088” title=””]


Lara, a single mother of two children, owner of a dog named Happy and a former famous singer. Busy with raising her children and handling it all she feels life has no motive. Things start to change when her dog loses his voice. Lara doesn’t want to give up on him so easily. Will Lara be able to get his voice back? Happy cannot talk but can he sing?

Jayant Chopra

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8087” title=””]


Manikandaprabu T

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8086” title=””]


The film follows an energetic young man named Alex who happened to shift his place of living from city to an old mansion in a rural village. This film brings out certain challenges faced by him because of the haunting nature of the house.

Sandeep Ramesh

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kannada short film poster

Sri manju

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8084” title=””]


WORK IN PROGRESS : An 85 year old Gujarati lady, deaf and blind by birth persists hard on working for her bread defying all her disabilities. Ever since her birth, she has been a burden to all her family members who had taken turns in keeping her with them. Now, at 85, the cousins she reside with find her denying food which she believes is not earned. She performs little households of arranging clothes after they are washed. This being her regular work satisfies her the fact that she has a value for which she would deserve her food. She has been the same since ages, trying to find the meaning of life through her work. In an age where people get prone to laziness, she stands by her mind deciding to work, work and work until the end of her life. THE OPEN SECRET : Four young film students decide on making a documentary on the lives of sex workers in the city of Kolkata, India. As they go on with the filming process, they come across the hardcore brutal reality of the world of prostitution. They start living in red light areas as a part of their research and development work. They derive an entirely different concept about prostitution from what they actually thought of. They discover that prostitution is just a business, unlike what it is shown in movies. Prostitutes have quite a loud life style but are actually very decent. They have a serenity in their minds, with their respective likes and dislikes. They also understand in the process that all of these prostitutes want to leave their profession and lead a normal life. It is because of the fact that the society won’t accept them, makes them helpless at their choices. The prostitutes are honest and certainly free from hypocrisy. The values and ideologies of these four film students get erased in time, only to bring out the real shades of them, the ultimate hypocrisy of the society. The film students shoot in the morning, but at night they make opportunities to end up sleeping with these prostitutes. It is a story of human nature. Decency and honesty do not require a 4-walled money invested education. The so called educated end up more into dishonesty and hypocrisy. The Open Secret is a conflict between humanity and the society. The Open Secret, besides it’s cast of young actors also stars 5 regular sex workers including a pimp being shot at Sonagachhi itself, who have acted and brought out the hellish conditions of a painful profession. Their words bring out how casual their profession is to them, and how exploiting the approach of the society is. A new life is an euphoria to them. They have dreams about their children whom they could educate and give a life afresh. They know that they have lost acceptance in the society, but the men who come to them are further sinful in betraying their daily lives. In their words, “There’s a lot of strength in love. Hatred ruins the life…”

Soumodeep Ghosh Chowdhury

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While taking a selfie with a young cigarette, blood suddenly comes out of his nose, then he throws the cigarette and takes a beautiful selfie. Cigarettes are harmful to health,This is shown through this selfie film

Akash navare

[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8082” title=””]


Thommi and his wife Omana are among the last of the immigrants to arrive in South Karnataka. They, like the others, manage to illegally fence off a few acres of land and start cultivating it. It is by sheer chance that Thommi happens to catch the attention of Bhaskara Patelar, once chief of the village. Though now shorn of his legal powers, the people around him fear to ques­tion the Patelar’s authority. He terrorizes Thommi into submission and rapes his wife, A humiliated Thommi wants to avenge his dishonour, but the urge to survive ties his hands – turns him mute. Patelar finds Thommi a job as bartender in a toddy shop and embarks on an open affair with Omana. Eventually, Thommi becomes principal aide and ac­complice in the mindless crimes Patelar commits. Although he loves his gentle wife Saroja and their only son dearly, Patelar cannot stand Saroja’s efforts to restrain him. Unable to put up with the idea of living under her watchful eyes, Patelar decides to do away with her. Taking Thommi into confidence, Patelar hatches a plot to kill Saroja. The plan misfires – Thommi gets gravely wounded instead. Undaunted, Patelar next comes up with a plan to dynamite the holy fish at the temple ghat. He drags a reluctant Thommi to help him in this sinful act – but faith prevails. The dynamite fails to explode. In another act of violence, Patelar assaults Yusoof Picha, a wealthy trader, and leaves him near dead on the roadside. Just to show Thommi that he has only one master. The incident involving Kuttapparai’s son and his young bride rouses the combined wrath of Patelar’s many adversaries. Determined to put an end to his evil ways, Yusoof Picha and Kuttapparai plot to kill Patelar when he visits Thommi. They manage to convince Thommi that it will be for his own good. The crucial moment arrives. Shots are fired in the dark. But Patelar escapes with minor injuries. Patelar finally executes his plan to kill his wife. Saroja is throttled to death. The attempt to fake the death as suicide fails. Patelar goes underground. Days later, a shaken Patelar visits Thommi in the dark of night to ask Thommi to go with him. He is hopeful of finding shelter in his nephew’s house in the town. Turned down by his cowardly nephew, Patelar, along with Thommi, sets out to find refuge in the wilderness of the forests. There, inescapably, Patelar meets his nemesis. The grief-stricken Thommi slowly regains his composure. He removes the gun from the firm grip of the dead Patelar and throws it into the waterfall thun­dering below. Beyond the wilderness, there await life, hope and Omana…


[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8081” title=””]


Amma Ariyan” follows Purushan who’s preparing to leave for Delhi for his research. While travelling in Wayanad, he meets some policemen who are carrying an unidentified dead body found hanging on the wayside. Even though he can’t recognize the dead man, he feels he’s very familiar with that face. The thought makes him restless, subsequently leading into an obsession for finding out whoever that is. He abandons his trip to Delhi and meets with several of his friends and acquaintances to find out who the dead person is. From one of his friends he finds out that the deceased is a tabla player, Hari. Purushan and his friends decide to inform the death of Hari to his mother who’s living in Kochi. So they set out a long journey on foot while meeting with many of Hari’s friends who subsequently join the group. Through the memories of Hari’s friends, we get to know more about his character, but can’t understand what exactly went wrong. They travel from Wayanad through Kozhikode to Beypore, Kodungalloor, Thrissur, Kottapuram, Vypin, and finally to Fort Kochi. Throughout the journey, the group witnesses a number of political struggles through the landscape which helps them understand more about Hari’s death and leading into a politicization of apolitical intellectuals. The backdrop of “Amma Ariyan” takes place in a politically unstable time in Kerala in which leftist political extremism lead to the Naxalite movement, which garnered much support from the common people. The political struggle that occurred at the time led various artists to respond to it through furthering the struggle through art. John Abraham is famous for his nomadic lifestyle and radical nature and has made the film to reflect upon this. The political struggles the group encounters in their journey actually document what was occurring at the time. Through the use of frequent flashbacks, juxtapositions of nature, monologues and monochromatic cinematography, Abraham stays away from the conventional norms of filmmaking as far as possible.


[mrp_rating_form rating_form_id=”2″ post_id=”8080” title=””]


The end of Hogwarts!!??

Abhishek Bhuparia

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Jackie Nguyen

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Sravan Netha

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A man, home alone, wakes to a strange noise and decides to investigate. Things are not as they seem.

Joseph Schlapsi

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Abhay being an atheist. An event took place in his life on a very auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The plot follows a conference scheduled in another city, He strives hard to attain the conference despite Festival Chaos. He explains his wife and son and makes them understand the importance of his commitment to work and starts his journey for the conference.

Gaurrrav Yaldarkarr

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It is emotional film. Based on discrimination. The poster title is in tamil language. Its meaning only discrimination. The story starts will black colour tone skin boy who was ignored by all because of his skin colour. No one likes him so he wrote his all feeling in a letter ah committed suicide because all ignored him due to his skin colour.


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We look at the world as we see it. But, what about those who are deprived of the vision? Arjun is a story of a little blind boy who sees the world… through his own vision. This slice of life film is about a simple incident in his life. Arjun is introduced to the art of sketching, rather stencil sketching by his cousin and an artist – Ateesh. Someone who perceives this world through touch, this is another way of seeing the beauty of this world, for Arjun. He wants to gift a sketch to his favourite teacher. The story revolves around this beautiful feeling that Arjun experiences while drawing and perceiving things differently. With a heart-warming conclusion, this story is about the beauty, that is experienced and not just seen.

Shivraj Waichal

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The Experiment is a Short Film written based on Intresting Theories on Brain Transplantation across the Globe… It begins with a mad doctor tries to make brain transplantation possible with a patient having super natural power of replacing things inside two closed objects

Jerry Jenish

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My movie poster name is “The Little Mermaid”. This movie is on Disnep+Hotstar❤❤…

Sakshi Rajput

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Vikky Bro

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Godzilla vs Kong 2021

Pranil Mhatre

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Pratik Barve

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The Witcher is a Polish-American fantasy drama streaming television series created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Set on a fictional, medieval-inspired landmass known as “the Continent”, The Witcher explores the legend of Geralt of Rivia and princess Ciri, who are linked to each other by destiny.It stars Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra.

Aditya Satuluri

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Ebi fetrick S V

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Waris Ansari

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He’s a little different.

Jay Jennings

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In a world where everyone is vaccinated, what could possibly go wrong?

Jay Jennings

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Three people who lost family,money,love,trust everything in there surviving life then they become Highway robbers and attack the strangers those who is travelling in two wheelers on empty Roads and highway roads and Robbing people without killing them. Warning those victims by using family sentiment and remembering their dignity of life after sharing this robbery situation to society and how those people treat you the fake concern after this happen. How they talk after you like that they play the situation and change those victim mindset and frame it as a Bike Accident.

Shaik Shameer Basha

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A woman wakes up in the middle of the woods only to learn that she is being hunted…

James Rasile

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A woman wakes up in the middle of the woods only to learn that she is being hunted…

James Rasile

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Five years after a war versus the unknown, humans are used as weapons against one another. MindGait is a look into a world where human beings have been abducted and after a war in which the human race is victorious, the real consequences of these abductions are realized and humanity is put to the test. In the vein of Looper or the Thing, MindGait is a science fiction thriller with the intent to create a unique immerse universe.

James Rasile

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Dealing with an illness and troubled past, an isolated man applies for the Mars Survival Mission with hopes to colonize Mars after the Earth has become overpopulated.

James Rasile

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A WW2 soldier is desperate to return to his family after being trapped in a time well for 75 years. He searches for an ancient technology known as the Akashic Spheres which will send him to the past, but nefarious evil actors want the sphere for global domination. Its a race with the fate of the world at stake.

James Scott

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A woman gives up love to follow her dream. Some dreams come at a heavy price.

Vijay Adireddy

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