MY DAD (Inner Wound)

Drama, Noir, Psycho


Andrew in his childhood is whipped by his father, As a gesture to temper the spirit and to make it stronger. At the same time the father Carl is a good man who gives Andrew a lot of love. Shot on the floor, Police Captain Carl Frikmaan asks to his 9 years old son Andrew for revenge, telling him it was John White who shot him. 13 years later Andrew comes back to Philly after a few years in the Marines, passed searching for John White without find him. He’s hired at the police and discover that the new captain is the person he is looking for. Memories of his father’s punishments when he was a child plague him constantly. He’s always torn between his good side, falling in love with a girl that try to help him to defeat his demons and run away together, and the revenge he has craved since he was a child. He often asks his mentor Richard, an old family friend, for advice on whether he was doing the right thing. Nothing stops him. He electrocute White’s pregnant wife and White’s old mother, findind the “Peace of Mind”. Months later he meets again the girl he loved and that he had left to not to make her suffer, making an appointment in 2 days to go away and start a new life together, but his sister Sarah, that acts like a good girl with a transgressive soul, reveal to have a boyfriend from 1 year and now is pregnant. Andrew discover that the mysterious boyfriend is John White. When he’s about to follow his plan again and kill also his sister, discovers that it was his mother who killed his father, because of the father’s secret sexual relationship with John White. On the morning of meeting the girl he loves, who is waiting for him at the agreed point, Andrew commits suicide Jumping off a skyscraper to save his sister and mother from his anger of revenge.


MY DAD (Inner Wound)



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