Love Unknown

Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
00:00:00 mins
United States
A man falls in love with an android and they are able to have a child, resulting in them being hunted down for their half-breed child.


We open our film on the colonies of Mars circa 2118. In a hover car, ROBERT CONSTANTINE a.k.a. AK-47, an Android Killer, and his partner, BILLY CHESTWICK a.k.a. AK-48, are ordered by LIEUTENANT THOMAS WALTERS to kill an android on the loose, but once they apprehend the culprit Robert can’t kill him, so Billy does. Later, Robert returns home and is greeted by his holographic computer program girlfriend, LILI (Love Interface Localhost Interpreter). After, he imagines their first date. He opens his eyes and learns that LILI has transcended (transferred her programming) into a replica android of her holographic body and is now a physical being. Later that night, Robert and LILI go to Billy’s party and Robert introduces LILI to Billy. Billy takes Robert aside and jokes with him to use protection. Robert and LILI enjoy their night as Billy tries to dance with human girls and female androids, but fails. A drunken Robert arrives home with LILI. She freshens up in the bathroom. Robert looks at the shipping box of LILI’s body and reads the warning about making love to the androids because they may become pregnant. He laughs and makes love to LILI. The next day, Robert wakes up to discover that LILI is throwing up in the toilet. He expects there is some bad wiring in her system. He starts to eat breakfast and she comes into the kitchen and shows him a pregnancy test on a virtual tablet. He cannot believe what he is hearing and the two of them talk about what is going on. He panics and leaves to go to work. At work, Robert goes to Thomas’ office. Thomas says he hates androids because his father died from a sex android and explains his Dad’s junk was mutilated to the point that his balls were practically non-existent. Robert feels awkward and leaves the office. Billy enters the station and Robert takes Billy aside. He immediately tells Billy how Thomas’ father died. However, Robert becomes more serious and admits that LILI and him made love and that she is pregnant. Robert decides to have the child with LILI. Months later, LILI is rushed into a hospital under false medical records. Robert and Billy are by her side as she goes through an intense labor. At the climax of LILI’s labor, a drone flies into the room as LILI has her legs spread wide open and it drops an Amazon box into Roberts’ hands. He opens the box and discovers a computer motherboard. Suddenly, Robert hears the cries of a baby and he looks deeper in the box and there is their half-breed (half-human/half-android), TIMOTHY CONSTANTINE. Afterward, Robert and LILI make Billy the godfather to Timothy. Later, Robert and LILI return to their home with their newborn baby, Timothy. The parents are looking at congratulatory holograms and Robert receives one from his uncle, STEVE CONSTANTINE. Thomas congratulates Robert and their families have dinner, but Thomas discovers Roberts’ family secret and here begins the journey.


Love Unknown


Alex Stathis



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Alex Stathis

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United States



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