FFTG Awards 2020 - People's Choice Winner


Experimental, Interview
86 mins
English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi
  • FFTG AwardPEOPLE CHOICE 2020 - The Souls Project
  • FFTG AwardJury Choice Best Debut Documentary Feature Film (Experimental) - The Souls Project
  • FFTG AwardBest Director - Niranj Menon
  • FFTG AwardBest Cinematography - Abhishek Nair, Ajay Nair
  • FFTG AwardBest Music - Ankit Chandlok
  • FFTG AwardBest Sound Design - Ankit Chandok


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Dastoor is a documentary shot around the 2019 elections focusing on the day-to-day lives of tramps living in and around Thane station. The film focuses on various aspects of lives and the varying degrees of attitudes to the street life. There is no fiction here but a bare capturing of reality as it happens, and the reality by itself mirrors the larger concern as it’s happening in the backdrop of the elections as it raises pivotal questions.



Original Title: 


Production Year: 






The Souls Project


Niranj menon

Dir. of Photography: 

Abhishek Nair, Ajay Nair

Sound Design:

Ankit Chandhok


Ankit Chandhok

Director's Interview

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Director's Statement

Dastoor is my first film. And in many ways, it’s not a film that I’ve made- in the traditional sense of making films, but a film that I’ve observed, a film that I’ve listened to. Listened to, because it’s a film dealing with stories of people as told by themselves. It’s a document of people going on with life and its many shades before the nation wide elections. Hundreds of films are made on poverty, what good will yet another film do? Can the human condition of poverty be eradicated? What is it to be homeless? To be hard up and broke. Earning sometimes from somewhere, a family to feed, but there is no door to your home, there is no window at your home, because there is no home. How does one go on with life? Being like that. I met all kinds of people during this film- a wandering soul, a philosopher, a poet, an actor, a saint. All talking about the same thing. A united states of affairs. And what are they talking about? Poverty. Poverty is the most urgent issue that we as a country face. And i have tried to reflect upon the ocean through the bubble of my own life. By taking the camera out and pointing it at the my own city of Thane, whose native i have been since childhood. Under a bridge, near a hotel, as the city keeps pulsating and moving, going up and down in trains, some static lives keep repeating themselves.. The film can only be relevant with time. Since it questions. It questions what is to come? What will the lives of children turn to. Can we reconstitute our-self as a society? Or do we keep repeating the same old.

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