Drama, Romantic
125 mins
English, Hindi
  • FFTG AwardJury Choice Best Debut Feature Film (Drama-Asia) - Akbar Arabiyan & Himanshu Malik
  • FFTG AwardBest Director - Himanshu Malik
  • FFTG AwardBest Actor - Vibhore Mayank
  • FFTG AwardBest Actress - Auritra ghosh
  • FFTG AwardBest Supporting Actor - Kiran Srinivas
  • FFTG AwardBest Supporting Actress - Naina Trivedi
  • FFTG AwardBest Cinematography - Hardeep Sachdev
  • FFTG AwardBest Editing - Praveen Ayirattu
  • FFTG AwardBest Music - Somesh Saha

Set against a lush Western Indian landscape during the monsoon season, CHITRAKUT, a story about relationships, change and metamorphosis, as five people search for love and companionship.

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Director's Interview



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Auritra Ghosh – “Saloni” (A.I.SHA: My Virtual Girlfriend, M Cream, Love Breakups Zindagi)
Vibhore Mayank – “Debu”
Kiran Srinivas – “Shaan” (Noorondu Bagilu and Chiru)
Naina Trivedi – “Alisha” (DORANGA, Mohenjo Daro, Highway)
Shruti Bapna – “Kim” (Daddy, Sense8, MTV Girls on Top)


Akbar Arabiyan, Himanshu Malik

Co Producer: 

Stacey Marbrey, Mehdi Gulzar


Himanshu Malik


Praveen Ayirattu

Dir. of Photography: 

Hardeep Sachdev


Somesh Saha

Production Design:

Vijay Kadali



Feature Film






Director's Statement


The dynamics of masculine-feminine intimacy seen from a perspective of identity and individuality- forms the basic theme of the film. The film is not just an attempt to understand and express the vagaries of relationships but also an attempt to explore the relationship individuals have with themselves. Not just the relationship per se but also the idea of a relationship which exists in different forms amongst individuals also plays a role in the film.

Relationships have intrigued me endlessly since I started to sense them, their dichotomy, their uniqueness, their unfathomable spirit and unknown depths have had me besotted by the whole idea of it. And in-between those crevices and folds are hidden- incredible moments of softness and tenderness and sacrifice that defy too many odds or reasons or conscious logic to exist, I imagine it’s these moments that one may call, Love. My attempt in CHITRAKUT is to navigate through this sublime surreal landscape and discover some such unique moments of truth and humble us with their presence.

Visual Style
As anyone who has ever been in a relationship could tell you – how the view of everything reaches an exalted state. The colours seem brighter, the music sounds even more melodic, the wind seems to play with your hair more, you get aware of your hands – as they want to touch your all. These are the elements that we have tried to weave into the film. The world of happiness or melancholic colours that lovers exist in: have been central in creating the visual palette of the film.

The music is an eclectic mix of Indian and International sounds with a strong influence and use of classic Central-Asian instruments and voices. More emphasis is given in creating a strong distinct sound for the film for a world-wide audience, hence the use of Hindi and English lyrics is minimised and instrumental tunes and tonality based tracks is what we are pursuing. Unconventional use of poetry as a narrative backdrop have been used as has been the sound of nature surrounding the characters, the crickets chirping, the waterfall gurgling, wind swishing through the trees, all have been used as elements of the film to tell the story.

Himanshu Malik

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