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A short film of five episodes. «Pet the cat». JOHNNY, a plump, beer-bellied, bald, mustachioed, tanned man of 45 years goes to the kitchen at night to make tea. The electricity goes out and JOHNNY has to drink milk. A cat appears in the kitchen, who also wants milk. In the fight with the cat, the clumsy JOHNNY is severely and repeatedly injured, but in the end they put up with the animal.
«Buy donuts». JOHNNY is walking in the park. He is trying to lose weight, so he is hungry. JOHNNY stops by a donut stand and a playground. He tries not to give in to temptation, which is why he behaves strangely. Parents at the playground are concerned. JOHNNY gives up and orders a portion of donuts and coffee. He burns his mouth with the drink. A policeman who was called by his parents prevents him from picking up the donuts. JOHNNY can’t explain himself because of his burned tongue. A conflict with a police officer turns into a shooting chase. JOHNNY gets hurt, but he eats the donuts.
«Invite a woman». JOHNNY is making a cake for a date. He confuses honey and glue. Trying to save the pie, JOHNNY makes a mess, glues a knife to his hand, cuts his tongue, glues his lips. Trying to impress, JOHNNY hides his problems. The woman notices a strange behavior. A cat sneaks into the kitchen, makes noise and throws red food dye. JOHNNY tries to explain himself, but the woman gets scared. In the course of a misunderstanding, a woman gets into a «bloody» kitchen, loses consciousness and gets very dirty with red. JOHNNY is wounded with his knife. He’s calling for help. The doctor arrives along with the police, who think that JOHNNY is the killer.
«Dance». JOHNNY performs at a flamenco competition. There are characters from past scenes in the hall, someone is on JOHNNY’S side, someone is against. JOHNNY jumps over a puddle of lemonade, slips on a snack, goes around a fallen chair in a dance. JOHNNY wins. The woman and the policeman accidentally set fire to fireworks. JOHNNY leaves with the prize amid explosions and confusion. At home, he puts the prize on a shelf with a large number of dance prizes.
«Childhood». Grandmother is sewing up clothes, little JOHNNY is helping her. JOHNNY got pricked. Grandmother looks at his finger, there is a large drop of blood. Grandmother says that the head controls the hands and that JOHNNY will achieve everything if he believes in himself. She gives JOHNNY one castanet and teaches him to get into the rhythm.




Victoria Zykina

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Short Script


Russian Federation



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