Writers, dreamers, storytellers, and the like, take the first step towards actualizing your vision and bring your written words to life! Consider this as an attempt to inspire you to the next step in your filmmaking journey. We present:


May 30 to 15 Jul 2021




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All you need is an idea (who doesn’t have, right!). With today’s technology, anyone with a Smartphone can create a stunning visual to draw people into their story and leave them wanting more. This is a great way to help promote your project.

What types of images should I not add in the teaser?

Behave as if you were a guest at a friend’s dinner party. Please treat the community with respect.

While we want FFTG to be a friendly and enjoyable place, we understand not everyone will agree on the exact definition of an acceptable image. Determination of what constitutes these prohibited items is at the discretion of our jury panel and they are final.  Content which falls outside of these guidelines may be edited or removed by our editors without notice.  
Do not add:

Winning Categories

Best Teaser of the festival of unproduced scripts

Best Teaser for unproduced feature

Best teaser for unproduced short

Best teaser for story idea

Awards & Honors

Best Teaser of the Festival of unproduced scripts

Receives FFTG Statuette designed by Society Awards (New York), the creators responsible for the design and manufacturers of Emmy’s, Golden Globe, Academy of Country Music, Youtube Creators Awards, BET, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and Dancing with the Stars among others.

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